KDrama Addiction: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I assume most people are already familiar with WFKBJ. Facebook pa lang sobrang dami ng post about it. Even my some of my friends who were not a fan of any kdrama related have been hooked to Jeong Joon Hyung and Kim Bok Joo!

The #SwagCouple had a huge impact to their Filipino audience to the point that it will be dub in tagalog and soon to be a show in ABS-CBN (actually most of the KDrama who made a buzz last year will be airing this year in ABS-CBN. ginalingan nila mga bes eh hahahahaha)

Anyway, I got hooked to and was able to watch the WHOLE series in one day. Yup. Ganyan talaga ako manood ng KDrama lalo na pag 16 episodes lang! Pag mga 20 episodes and more mga 2-3 days. Nakaka-adik siya panoorin, because I’m not a fan of heavy drama series. Bet ko lang yung mga light yung mood, funny at yung makakarelate talaga ako.

Jeong Joon Hyung is considered now as a “standard” for a boyfriend material. Siya na ang Oppa ng bayan ngayon. Not just because of his good looks and perfectly shaped body but also his personality and efforts as a friend and a guy. Siya ang wish ng mga girls na maging boyfriend lalo na sa mga na-friendzone siguro. From friends to lovers kasi ang peg nila. Kahit ako, gusto ko yun. Teka sino ba namang hindi? Diba?  A close friend that you never imagined that you’ll fall for him or her. 

Relationships that were built by a long term friendships are mostly the best thing. ‘Yan ang sabi ng karamihan dahil iyon daw ang magandang foundation for a long lasting relationship kasi kilala mo na yung tao. And maybe that’s why people got hooked kasi nga relate ang karamihan.

The hottie & funny swimmer falls in love to a strong & (a little) chubby weightlifter. Childhood classmates who didn’t see each other for a long time. The guy meets the girl… again! Friends turn into lovers. What a happy ending ❤

You all should watch it! Just search in google and you’ll find a lot of websites where you can watch it english subtitles! Get hooked just like me! Mga more than 20 times ko na ata naulit mga favorite scenes ko! ❤

Nam Joo Hyuk as Jeong Joon Hyung 🏊🏻🏊🏻🏊🏻
Lee Sung Kyung as Kim Bok Joo 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️



Movie Feels: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa


Hi to whoever-reads-this-blog!

I just finished watching ‘Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa’ for it’s theatrical showing week (and hoping na ma-extend!) and what a coincidence.. Nicco Manalo was there (I think with his friends!).


I won’t consider this as a formal movie review, gusto ko lang talaga ishare ung feels ako before, during and after the movie. Don’t worry I won’t spill a bean! Hahaha!

Naririnig ko na ung movie title since last year but I didn’t have eagerness to know more about it.

When the teaser and music video for it’s theatrical showing was released, my brother keeps on bugging me that we should watch it! I watched the music video ‘Walang Hanggan’ multiple times a day, as in grabe makahugot ung kanta! Nakakalola! Hahaha! I finally gave in to my brother because I also got curious what’s the real deal for this movie.

Anyhow. It’s simple, great and relatable.  The way the scenes were shot (for me) are great. Their was a number of long shots but I can see that it’s one of the movie’s objective and creative side on showing the feels of the story.  Meron din mga times na tipong paghinga ng katabi mo ung maririnig mo.

Seeing Nicco Manalo right after the movie made me realize that he’s not just an actor. He’s an artist by heart because he started acting in theater and para sa akin people who started in theater doesn’t pursue their career for the sake of money but for the sake of showing creativity, passion, and maybe, patience na din.

I know that this is a super late post but I still want to share it.

I hope they’ll release a DVD soon!


It’s been a while.

I haven’t write or post anything for 4 months now and I don’t know why. I’ve been doing and thinking about a lot of things lately and tend to forget share it through writing. I don’t even know why I got myself into this situation, I mean, I’m not really into writing but I always keep on coming back.

I was inspired to post something because of my sister who started a new blog because she’s now a married woman. I know that she’s into writing and reading but I was surprised that she started a blog despite her busy schedule.

I do not know where to start… again. It’s almost the end of the year and I’m here starting to write again. I actually have a lot of thoughts everyday but sometimes I don’t think it’s worth to post.

Random thoughts tend to make me overthink too! that’s why I don’t post it also because I don’t want to be reminded that I am an over-thinker.

oh well. this may be a short post but I hope (again) that I’ll be able to write once in a while, to share my thoughts, photos and videos.

Good Night and God Bless!